Binjai- : Commemorating the Indonesian National Armed Forces [TNI] 2019, Kodim 0203 / Langkat and the Binjai City Government held a fun bike and aerobics at the Merdeka Binjai Field, Sunday, 22 December 2019 [ photo ].

Mayor of Binjai and Dandim 0203 / Langkat, Lt. Col. Inf, Bachtiar, released hundreds of fun bike participants . Dandim 0203 / Langkat Lt. Col. Inf Bachtiar, explained that the commemoration of the TNI’s fighting day was a historical day that occurred on 15 December.

“This activity is not just a ceremonial event, but a moment of hospitality to both commemorate the day of the struggle. Thank you to all those who have supported the continuation of this activity,” said Bachtiar.

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